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LLOYD IT is dedicated to providing their clients with the best IT services in the world. We provide a complete solution for every company out there. We cover everything from their amazing website to the ethernet plugged into the back of their computers that we've installed.

A Welsh IT Professional started this company due to his love for IT. When it comes to IT systems, everything has to be neat, tidy and look the part. It also provides companies and end-users with the most efficient and mind blowing experience possible.

Infrastructure - 90%

Web Development - 85%

Solutions - 95%

Our services

We do everything with a passion

Great support

We offer many tiers of support packages to make sure every question you have is answered and every problem is fixed.

Visually Beautiful

Every website we provide always leaves the same impression; beautiful.


Everything we design, everything we install is the fastest you'll get (we also keep it that way).


We don't want to control your business. We want to help you control it. We put in controls to make sure you can.

For every screen

Whatever device your customers use, they get the same experience.

Pixel perfect

Made with love and attention to every pixel. Best quality for customers.

Get in touch

Send us a message. That's it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments we are ready for conversation. Here are the best ways to connect with us.

+44 7393316339

Lloyd Owen

Blackwood, Wales. UK.